The Savoy International group, through its plastics division, is a major player in the manufacture of technical parts. Its Savoy Moulage subsidiary has developed a real partnership with its customers thanks to its industrial performance and smart industry approach based on its LEAN Manufacturing culture.

Our industrial vision at the service of our customers

The Savoy International group, through its plastics division, offers innovative industrial organization and resources by deploying 4.0 LEAN MANUFACTURING

A working environment and processes at the cutting edge of technology

In an air-conditioned production environment and a pioneer in the use of electric injection molding machines, Savoy Moulage has developed innovative robotic processes.

Through the use of instrumentation, such as pressure sensors, monitoring of mold temperatures, we control our injection process in and out of the tooling to guarantee the level of quality and performance expected by our clients. Our tools are produced internally in the company Serop.

The use of laser fusion 3D printing technology allows the creation of thermal regulation channels as close as possible to the cavity walls, thus optimizing the thermal regulation of injection molds.

0 ppm culture and logistics performance

We co-design with our customers and master the rheological tools in order to meet their desired dimensional requirements.

Lean culture, know-how in industrial processes, optimization of the supply chain and customer culture, commits us to a 0 ppm culture and logistics performance to best serve all stakeholders.




Our Services

Our core business is plastic injection, from the study and design of your projects, to the production of plastic parts, through the creation of plastic molding tools.

For more information, do not hesitate to discover Serop, Savoy Fusion Laser or contact someone from our team.

Our Products

Our Locations

The plastics division brings together these technologies and our industrial culture that we have deployed on our sites abroad: Tunisia, Morocco and Romania.